Where to Stay

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As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one place to stay in Jodhpur, especially if you’re a foreigner living in the city on a long-term basis. It’s called Indrashan Homestay, and it’s basically a bed and breakfast, run by an impossibly friendly couple named Bhavna and Chandra. They mostly accommodate short-term guests, but they also have a special place in their heart for long-term visitors. The rooms are comfortable, the neighborhood is quiet, and the food is the best in Jodhpur. You kind find more information on their website. Plus they’re very highly rated on TripAdvisor (try to guess which review is mine).

If you absolutely have to stay in the old city, you’ll find plenty of decent guesthouses at very reasonable prices. Go to Lonely Planet for a comprehensive and reliable guide.

Finally, if you have more money than whichever deity you choose to worship, then you don’t need me to tell you where to stay. There are several outrageously opulent options in Jodhpur that are not very hard to find.


3 thoughts on “Where to Stay

  1. Marion Richardson

    Hi Ben,

    Found your descriptions of Jodphur of great interest as I leave for a 3-4 month stay there in mid-January. I will be volunteering with a philanthropic organization which has been successfully active for the past 20 years promoting the education of young girls from the surrounding rural areas. I also love wandering around any city’s streets just seeking for some adventure or interesting locals to meet. Question: how safe would this be for me – can I walk around without needing to worry about being accosted? ( I am a 64 year old woman).


    • bensoltoff

      Hi Marion,
      Thanks for getting in touch! I’m glad you’re finding the site useful. To answer your question, I never felt that I was in danger on the streets of Jodhpur, but of course, I’m a young man, so it’s a very different situation. However, during the day (or early evening) in the old city I doubt you will have any trouble. There are always plenty of people around at those times, of all ages and genders. In the touristy section of the old city, where most of the guesthouses are located, you should be safe at just about any time, although it gets empty late at night.


  2. udit raj singh parihar

    yes some one in a need of room as paying guest with our joint family to blast out your experience of jodhpur for a couple of months, as it is less expensive for a long stay too , as compared to the guest house in old city .
    we provide traditional food and a nice joint family ,
    So don’t be so mesmerized , its just a call away : +919414220097

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