About Marwarology

My name is Ben Soltoff, and I lived in Jodhpur from July 2012 to May 2013. It’s an absurd and amazing city, and I encourage you to visit. However, if you’re a foreigner, I’ll warn you that living in Jodhpur for an extended period of time could drive you insane (I know this from both observation and personal experience). While in Jodhpur, I worked at a non-government organization called GRAVIS as part of the Hart Fellowship through Duke University. Marwarology started out as a blog detailing my experiences, and now it’s an all-purpose informational site, giving tourists, long-term residents, and even locals an idea of what Jodhpur has to offer. The original blog posts are still here, if you’re looking for them. Just click on this link or the “Blog Posts” tab above.

What’s with the name? Marwarology combines two elements with very different etymologies. Marwar, meaning “land of death,” is the Sanskrit word for the Thar Desert, which is the arid region where Jodhpur is located and where GRAVIS completes most of its work. And -ology derives from the Ancient Greek for “study,” reflecting my Western academic background. Accordingly, this site is an examination, from a Western perspective, of the Thar Desert and the people and places within it.

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