Rao JodhaWelcome to Marwarology! Formerly a blog, this is now the lesser of several sites dedicated to providing information about the majestic, somewhat dusty city of Jodhpur and the surrounding area (as you’ll see, I loosely define the “surrounding area” as anywhere between Delhi and Mumbai). If you want a better site about Jodhpur, go here or here or here. Hell, you could just do a Google search and find plenty of sites with more information, more frequent updates, and more aesthetically pleasing layouts. But you’re here now, so you must find something charming about random recommendations and a smattering of sarcastic blog posts from 2012-2013 that get more and more outdated by the minute.

Known as the Blue City to tourists who refer to things based on the color of a few houses in a fairly small, fairly old neighborhood, and as Sun City to the people who actually know what they’re talking about, Jodhpur has a population of 1.25 million people and counting. If it were in the United States, it would be one of the nation’s ten largest cities. But Jodhpur is in India, and in India, an urban area with a population of 1.25 million is considered a small town. For someone who’s accustomed to living in a Western metropolis, life in Jodhpur can seem pretty dull, but the city grows on you when you give it a chance.

My favorite thing to do is wander the streets in search of adventure. The city contains plenty of fascinating little spots that you would never find in a guidebook, and finding them is a delight. Whether you live in Jodhpur or you’re just visiting, try walking around somewhere you’ve never been. And while you’re at it, never refuse a cup of chai or an offer to chat. You’ll meet all sorts of interesting people by sitting down and having tea with them or by talking to them on the side of the road. But use your judgment, of course. Even though most people are friendly, you might run into a few shady characters now and then.

With that said, Jodhpur is pretty cool once you get to know it. Go out and explore!

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